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Group Media Director

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I came this close to being a Nielsen family!

Back when our household still had a land line (more than 5 years ago), the nice folks from Nielsen called to inform me that my lucky family had been selected to be a Nielsen family. Before the representative could launch into her spiel, I jumped in to kindly let her know that I worked in the media department of an agency that subscribed to their ratings. She thanked me for my time, and that was that.

Well, several months ago I received a letter in the mail from Nielsen asking me to fill out a short survey. Full disclosure: As someone who works with research for a living, I am a survey geek; I can be counted on to fill out almost any survey. The exceptions are surveys whose content covers areas I’m not qualified to answer, or surveys that are poorly written. (I am also a survey snob.)

Nielsen’s short survey was easy and fun; they just needed the demographics of my household and asked a few short questions about my viewing and listening habits. The survey asked if anyone from my household worked for a radio station, TV station, cable or satellite system. I answered "no." No problem there; I filled the survey out and returned it in it’s postage-already-paid envelope.

A couple months went by, and I figured that was that.

Then Friday, June 2, 2017, my husband received a letter dated May 30 that our household had been chosen by Nielsen (once again).

I admit a secret glee at the news. I would be an awesome Nielsen survey participant. I would not have told any of the hundreds of radio, TV, cable and satellite folks I know, and would have enjoyed getting to see the process that has only been described to me before.

And then I got the follow-up phone call. I was not going to volunteer the information this time, but after the Nielsen rep went through a energetic narrative about how important our family was and how we would all get to wear these super-cool meters, she finally asked (to make sure) that no one from my family worked for a radio, TV, cable or satellite provider. Again, I answered "no."

Then she asked me if I worked for an advertising agency.

(Snap! Pause…)

"As a matter of fact, I do," I replied.

She then asked, "What is the name of your agency?"


"Is that AND BAR, or the symbol for And?" She inquired.

"Symbol B A R R," I answered.

(Pause) "Well, Mrs. Smith, we are going to put your household on a special list so we don’t ever bother you again. Thank you for your time."

I fully understand why they don’t want me to participate, but it was a fun day. 🙂

Blog #1: new cats in the Smith household

The Smith family welcomed two new feline additions Saturday May 17th: Cloud (5 years old) and Sephoroth (4 years old). Both boys were named after Final Fantasy characters. They are getting used to our household, specifically all the noises. I never realized how noisy the little red bird outside our front door was each morning. We have never had two cats before so we are getting used to the dynamics. We learned quickly to keep the food for each cat in separate rooms or Cloud would eat all of Sephoroth’s food…

About Katherine

Hi there! For those of you that I have not met yet, let me tell you a little about myself! I have had the pleasure of working for &Barr for 10 years (so far!). I work closely with Dennis Nikles to supervise our media (or connection planning & measurement) department. Specifically I provide media research for all of our clients and strategic planning for Stein Mart, Moffitt Cancer Center, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Rosen Hotels & Resorts and the Crayola Experience Orlando. In my spare time I buy any medium for any client as needed.

I’m the daughter of a rocket scientist and a nurse so of course I chose marketing as a career! I started out as a theatre major at Florida State University (Go ‘Noles!) and after a couple years decided I needed a career that made both sides of my brain happy. I had taken enough psychology and sociology classes to get a minor, and thought advertising would be a great way to apply my love of trying to figure out how people tick.

My favorite part of my job at &Barr is discovering and implementing clever solutions to marketing situations.

I have become totally obsessed with AMC’s Walking Dead and Orphan Black.

I have very eclectic taste in music and we use my Pandora playlist in our section of the office. My playlist includes Florence & The Machine, Kate Bush, Billy Joel, Sebastian Bach and 2 Cellos.

I have young adult children who are still the center of my universe. My whole family is avid geeks who frequent the library for science fiction/fantasy. I help create costumes for my daughter to “cause-play” at anime conventions. I still love theatre and the arts and attending the Orlando Fringe Festival annually especially if there is a show my husband is working on. I remain an proud member of the Alliance of Women in Media on which I served on their national board for 5 years.

In addition to theatre I studied ballet for 20+ years and met my husband in a dance studio. I was the president of my high school chorus and pop ensemble and still serve as a vocalist for my church’s praise band. I used to be on a synchronized swimming team and have scuba dived (thought I wanted to be a mermaid until I found out how cold the water was!). I have studied hapkido and taekwondo (briefly) and actually completed four triathlons (before kids mind you). My brief sojourn in fashion merchandising in high school lead me to work as a singing Christmas tree at a department store one holiday.